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Good Career Choices for the Future

It is said that the jobs of 21st century are going to be knowledge-centered. Even if the knowledge-based scenario has opened up many career opportunities for the current and future generations, it has also become difficult to make the right choice.

Best Career Choices for the Future

Here is some useful information on the topic of which career to choose in the future. The field of healthcare and information technology are always going to score above most of the jobs in all other fields put together. There are few interesting career options mentioned below that would require special skills. Following are the best careers for the future.

The healthcare sector should provide you with a good career in the future. In most developed countries, the aging population is growing increasingly. This population would need medical treatment and facilities more than any other age-group. The number of hospitals would thereby increase. Employment opportunities in the healthcare sector are not limited up to working as surgeons, physicians, and nurses alone. Workforce is also required to handle the numerous administrative tasks. Dental hygienists should also enjoy good career opportunities in the times to come.

Information Technology
It is a vast and developing field where you can find a lot of career opportunities. You can perform a variety of roles in this field. Following are some of the important ones: web developer, system analyst, information manager, etc. It is not that only software professionals would be in great demand. Those working in the computer hardware sector too will be required for maintenance work.

The job of a bioinformatician involves the activity of applying concepts of information technology to biology and allied fields like genetics, health sciences, pharmaceuticals, proteomics, etc. Job responsibilities of these professionals include the activity of performing pattern analysis, creating mathematical models, and developing dynamic solutions. These professionals can work in the field of research and also as technicians in laboratories. The candidate is expected to have a doctoral degree for working in the field of research; it takes about 5-6 years time for completing the doctoral degree.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer
The fossil fuel fuels and other sources of energy are on the verge of depletion, and replacing them with renewable energy sources is the only way forward. Solar energy installations should therefore be in great demand in the times to come. You can think about work as a solar photovoltaic installer. The responsibilities of a solar photovoltaic installer include that of assembling photovoltaic (PV) and looking after the maintenance work. The installation work has to be done by assessing the site in question.

Medical Roboticist
These professionals apply the knowledge of robotics in the medical field. A medical roboticist has to work in the area of developing prosthetic attachments and other such technologies for making life better for mankind. Improving diagnostic technologies in order to make them less invasive is one of the important objectives in this field. The field of medical robotics is still in the developmental stage, and therefore, it is better to prepare for this future career now itself.

Business and Finance
The career opportunities in the marketing field will grow a lot in the future. You can work in the field of Internet marketing, sales, as a business analyst, and other such areas. Financial advisers and accountants would also be in great demand. You can also think about working as an actuary. These are professionals who deal with ascertaining the implications of a particular financial risk in a business.

Organic Farm Manager
With the growing importance of organic food, farmers are now growing organic produce that contains little or no chemical fertilizers / pesticides. This change in the trend has led to increase in demand for professionals with knowledge of organic farming. To work as an organic farm manager, one should have prior experience in the traditional form of farming.

Education Sector
This field provides employment opportunities irrespective of the market conditions. You can work as professors, high school teachers, elementary school teachers, and earn a good income. There is a 10 - 20% expected growth in the requirements of educational sector in the coming years.

This job would be in great demand for the future. These job opportunities are going to come up more in developed countries. The aging population in these countries would grow in the coming years. Requirement for elder caregivers would shoot up, resulting into increased employment opportunities for caregivers. Some of you won't find caregiving an interesting career to pursue; however, this profession is going to be in demand for sure.

Media Jobs
The jobs in media are there to stay. It is only that their form is going to evolve. There is a great scope for scriptwriters, reporters, news readers, cameramen, and all other professionals related to the media industry.

You should also know about career opportunities that are on a decline. The printing jobs like typesetting would be replaced due to the emergence of electronic processes in almost every field. Other low-skill jobs are outsourced to countries like India, Taiwan and other developing countries. One should therefore look for working in a field that offers you a sustainable job. Facts about good career choices for the future presented in this write-up should help you gain an upper hand in the job market.
By Shashank Nakate
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